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MABS: make test harness work with docker
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Working on this right now and making some slow, but steady progress. Test suite is here:

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hexmode created this task.Jul 26 2019, 3:59 PM
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Also spent some time yesterday looking at the bugs for MediaWiki::API which the git backend is based on.

While my I did experience one missed token in 500+ API calls, the problems I saw didn't seem anywhere near as bad as the those of the people on RT.

Also began toying with the official MediaWiki in Docker and learning about docker swarm and docker stack just from what is on that page.

current problem with tests is which inserts 500 edits successfully, but then cannot seem to pull them.

When I looked at this yesterday I saw the following in the logs:

EditPage::importFormData: Form data appears to be incomplete
POST DATA: array (
  'summary' => '',
  'action' => 'edit',
  'text' => 'revision 0...>',
  'format' => 'json',
  'title' => 'foo',
  'token' => '0bb55b96d8345d89e5d816d2c54182a45d3b5d85+\\',
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