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MABS: Don't always fetch all revisions
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In import_ref_by_revs() there is this bit that, on the initial clone, will end up fetching way too many pages:

my $revision_ids = [ $fetch_from .. $last_remote ];
return $self->import_revids( $fetch_from, $revision_ids, $pages );

$fetch_from is 0 on the first time and $last_remote is last revid for the most recent page. We do not want all pages, we only want the pages that apply to our subset.

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This is demonstrated by the following:

git clone -c remote.origin.pages='Atlanta Toledo ' mediawiki:: async

which should only fetch the histories for two pages.

We need a way to populated the revs to fetch when we are not cloning the whole repository.

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with the work done today, this is done. At least when only a few pages are specified, only those are fetched.

Note, though, that now we face T301: MABS: Fix double-fetch of pages