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MABS: Discussion of current and future plans
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Oct 23 was going to start discussion/review of meeting to compile plans as well as solidify to do list and wishlist

unfortunately, @hexmode accidentally deleted the repository off a virtual box and that needed to be reinstated before anything else was to be done

Oct 24 and onwards, the current state of MABS as well as the existing plans and ideas will be documented below

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Updating on MABS activities.

  • In January 2019, David Strine asked if Daren could work on MABS to help Daren find employment if government shutdown continues into February and Nichework agreed to proposal and to be responsible for deliverable. Second shutdown averted and WMF didn't have contract plans for seeable future plans scrapped.
  • In February Daren mentioned in a chat forum that his contracting company suggest that he apply for grant and work on it AND that they would take any money from NASA grant work and Daren would not be compensated from the grant. This raises serious concerns that inviting Daren into the proof of concept of MABS might compromise the open source content so Nichework sent the following email to David.

Hi David,
I looked over your write up and discussed with Mark, and our comments are listed below.
The NASA focus does make it seem that NASA is the main beneficiary of the MABS project. While the NASA focus makes sense because of the history so far, clarifying the use cases to include others is important to Nichework.
The write-up also seems to imply that NASA and its affiliated administrators/contractors, such as Daren and James, have ownership claims to the MABS work as of date. We need to clarify this because Nichework does not want to give up any of its work, authorship, or control without its permission.
As of now, Mark of Nichework and Nichework have been the author/owner of MABS under Nichework.
Nichework has fully funded Mark's work and has only received one funding from another source - a rapid grant from WMF in 2018.
Most importantly, Nichework's intention is to create MABS and to work with those who will support MABS as an open source project so that it is made available to the community.
Any discussion Nichework has had with Daren and NASA related to any potential funding was speculative based on a NASA grant that Daren applied to and Nichework eventually rejected the work based on NASA not wanting to release it as open source.
While Nichework recognize that NASA and its administrators can be great collaborator to help test MABS and may later work in helping to further develop MABS, Nichework is keen on making sure that MABS as a project does not get lost in a proprietary mudpit for now.
I think at this point, WMF and Nichework should discuss privately any plans for further development of MABS. Once a proof of concept has been created, then Nichework will publish and open up MABS for community involvement, which may include NASA testing.

  • Attended MABS meeting with MWF, Wikia, etc. After the meeting Alexis send David the following items as to remind her what Nichework will do.

Just to iterate what we said to you in today's meeting so I don't forget:
We will provide a rough task list to you at the end of the month, hopefully before then.
Nichework will keep chipping away on MABS during March and April, hopefully enough progress so Mark can attend the Prague conference.
As of now, Nichework's schedule is filled out through June 2019. Any MABS work with the foundation would have to start July 2019 at the earliest.
We look forward to continuing this conversation.

Wikimedia Hackathon 2019, Prague.

Current plans:
-Ginger is to start helping Mark document the progress of MABS up to now and to help outline future work steps/milestones, especially what can be accomplished within 30 hours of work to be done in May before the hackathon. Documentation is to be thorough, professional quality worthy of publishing.

April plans:
-From the documentation and plan, Ginger is to also help prepare for this presentation, starting in April. Hopefully, Ginger can attend and help during the trip and presentation.

May plans:
-In May, weeks leading up to Prague, Mark is scheduled to work approximately 30 hours.
-In Prague, Mark will devote his time there to MABS and presenting.
-In May, Violet is to researching pywikibot so she can attend conference and continue her research and training.

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Update on Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 Prauge.

Only Mark will go to the conference.
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Update: Flowcharts for SOW and PoC.

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Met with Daren and David Strine:

  • Milestones
    1. Give Daren instructions on how to use the mediawiki remote for git.
    2. Set up push to git repo for 22nd
  • Scenarios
    1. Read-only station wiki (ISS), ground wiki writable
    2. Desert guy, Antarctica lady, Amazon Jungle family
  • USB stick should have the "starter wiki"
  • People should be able to pick a subset of page's they want synced (watchlist?)
  • Ultimate goal: Everyone should have an exact copy of the wiki. May need architectural changes to the MW storage mode.
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